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The Nollywood star. Tontolet “gave birth like a Hebrew woman” , “i’am a mother now…Wow! God is indeed the master planner of our lives” she thanks  God for her “stressfree …and…spiritually great…” delivery and today she thanks her fans for their support in welcoming her baby boy to the world of the X’s. ,”It gladdens my heart to recieve so much love at this moment God bless you all … couldn’t be more happy to have a great team by my side.

Her team A.K.A #TeamPoko sends a congratulatory message to Mrs Tonto Wigo Dikeh-Churchill adding that she is “MummyPoko, “motherly” and “strong woman who confronts when needed”

Tontolet, Mummyx


                       One more word for Mrs X & Baby X ;

                                      buZzZ:-) 🙂 🙂





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