You will come back to me.


      After you have danced along

the busy road.

And made big friends

who made it to the otherside

…I am here, on  Happy street

Stepping, and counting on the pebbles 

Of our past heyllo

And from The other side

They make you happier 

It’s only for now.

When your stem return

It will be because of them

You would  have left them

Because they mean well

But not deep not sweet

As me, i was your root

You will come back to me

To restart where you halt

  you wanted comforts

I would have given it to you

Perhaps it would have made you stay

But I didn’t 

     You left me

You would have done same

If I gave you your want

     I know you miss me

Sometimes deny

You smoke this thought into the

Fire of your bitterness

But this I know.   I

Feel your presence

In your absence

I hear your voice

In your speechlessness

I percieve the odour of urine on your cold toes. -You have been walking on the bits of air-  you froze yourself to no control
       I remember all the sincere things and feelings meant

  You will come home

It doesn’t matter

if I will not be there to welcome you.

You will come back to me.


By Hadizat Motherconfessor

I am selectively interested in everything...