​       Fake Clads

Minna found the loss of her breath

In the sleepry hands of a hopeful Leader.



Tell Tiara to talk that to Trump

Oh Obasanjo, Obsess the Royalties of Phonetics with your ‘kini’


This side is oven

Naira’s heart is broken



Milky chicks of White house

Why are your crying stars tearsing black hands?

The Cows are getting too fat grazing under dark sun and hot rain, 

Their legs are too tintire to walk , they could fly but their wings are strongly weak like the Bald eagle with wings rein 

Throwback the pictures Of ” jolly just come” …remind
Who broke the mirror ?Who transcloned us to Johny walker?

If  straight is not straight

and the day remains Skyly and gay

If a woman is wo!-Man

and man is wo!-man
and the rocks meet

Enchanted rock

And Aso rock

Who are the Buffalos that scattered the pride of thier skirt’s territory? When will the lost be found and things rearrange, and blood bond reaffirm and naked things closed?


Lets see if those days will come

Those days, food wink and rockcrack

Hit, And gnash and yet spits a child

Fire was the child named 

The Fire cooking for the love of this world.


By Hadizat Motherconfessor

I am selectively interested in everything...