​The mind is an air.

A traveller

Spreading and stopping

At every junction.  

                         Sometimes it runs in flashes

Back.  N forth like speed of light

It waves such that you can’t see what your mind is thinking, you can only hear it. Perhaps listen to it.

You can’t tell what direction the air goes. You can’t control it. You can’t control your mind. You can only stop a your self from acting upon what your the other part of your mind doesn’t want. Beacause the mind is in spaces and parts. 

 You can bring back your memories but you can’t bring back your mind. When it moves to a thought, in miliseconds, you want to stop it from thinking towards that certain direction. But the truth is the deed has been done- the thought had been thought.  You can never earase. It will reechoe, it will flash back sooner or later

Mind is so – thinks in  multiplex network raging from moment to moment.

Moment 1 :  you’re that person the world is looking for
Moment 2: you want to let go of everything and be in love with life, people, animals, breath, air, rivers, glasses, colours, stones, shadows, roses, rays, recipes furniture, art, give love even when its not returned.

Moment 3: space is now all you need.

Because you have loved too much life and too much people.

One thing is all you need:you. Your own space to be free. As if being free is the only way out of thinking.

 But you know, you thought wrong.Space made you think more…Your mind went even deeper. Telling your head”Trust no one”So you didn’t.

Moment 4: you become hopeless. All the believe you had in yourself seem to have vainished. You start feeling you need someone who would love you. Because you have loved a lot. Love made you trust. You’ve trusted so much, now you needthought of what to say.

Moment 5: you are now able to see past what you have previously thought. You are now able to know how to detatch that horibble thing you couldn’t really control thinking about  from what you will rather be happy thinking. 

The 4 moments of thought are just air they keep coming. You have nothing to do about it. You can only hear or listen.If you don’t, you only struggle to bottle up your thoughts. Like bottling up air. Is it possible? No. It I’ll explode.

 The mind is an air.


By Hadizat Motherconfessor

I am selectively interested in everything...