” I am cute
         I’m slim

          I hate my life

      There is this girl in my class and I really like her but she had never, for once looked at me. I thought it was because I wasn’t fat enough, she seems to like fat guyz. So sometime last month I started going to the gym for fattening exercises. I have added, but just five pounds but she still isn’t interested.

Whats wrong with me. And how can make her fall in love with me?  So you have any suggestion? I don’t want to be too fat. 


 I am actually very hardworking and I don’t want to look randy. But this girl is very important. Should I go ahead? She makes me happy even though she doesn’t know it. I am so doomed right now, I just want to die.

But do you think she will love me, or even have my attention If I add more weight?”

   We see problems like this every day, maybe less , similar, or worse. We need Answers please.
   What I will suggest to you in a situation like this is you be yourself.

Forget about your looks. Especially when it is natural.

Get her attention in other ways.

Many men today fall into these because they have not discovered what they are truly good at when it comes to gaining the attention of that “right” woman.

Some just go with a rush and get red lights. Justify your actions by being the man you truly want to be to the one you truly love. Be calm to learn what else  interests her apart from the basic ones you can’t fulfill.

You must not be fat for her to like you. In fact, she might even be worse of with you if  In any way along the line she realise you loosed your true nature because of her.  Except it you would want to do that for the main time. By the way t doing that and changing later wouldn’t speak well of you or make it any better because you will gradually loose her trust in you. She might not tell you that to your face of course, but her definition of your personality would be of that “guy who does to please girls” or ” confused dude”.

It is not like it isn’t good to please or impress sometimes but not something in this kind of situation. It is obvious the fattening exercises truly is not working for you or your health and you also don’t like the idea.

  1. So set it straight and get your priorities right. Look for other ways to get her.  Maybe interesting books she likes.
  2. Who she likes to cruiz with, shares secrets with and her rapour with family.
  3. And kind of clothes, perfumes she likes.
  4. Kind of Movies, foodies, drinks and all that
  5. Her mood and how it swings.

Ladies would rather go for me who are confident in everything they are. 

Yes, every relationship has a standard. People are different. You can’t definitely compete with the fat guyz. They already have their pretty good roles to play.  Maybe that’s why she seems to like them.

Some ladies just date guyz for fun. Not really with a purpose.  So be sure which one she is and if she is ready to be as serious as you seem to be.

Ladies care more about the emotional availability of a man rather than just his presence.

Be on the same page with her. 

Be there when you are needetoo

Some ladies actually consider the looks these days. If not most. But for sure you will get her attention if you focus more on the clicks. I mean, on the unique features you love about yourself. Love your self be proud of yourself and let it reflect in you when you eventually win her heart. Learn how to do do the talk.

It is not a mission Impossible
   Note: this post is subject to update

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