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“Perfectionism is self-abuse  of the highest order”. Anne Willson

This topic reminds me of an article I once came across about reinforcement in African culture. Where the publisher James, visited a school in Kenya and had a second thought, as the visit followed along the First Nations culture of using a talking stick when speaking in a circle. This gives everyone an equal chance to express their ideas. This is the same thing many African cultures advocate for. “It made me feel at home” This singular act made him feel free and encouraged to stay in Kwayhquitlum school.


Now, Can perfection be connected to Procrastinaton? Yes it can. When you want to be perfect there is a tendency to feel discouraged at some point.  This will make you procastinate. You always want to go for the Buts, thinking the need to wait for the right time or most condusive atmosphere to do things. This also breeds laziness. And here is a piece I wrote about laziness.

Truth is, your ability to face the challenge shows the boiling spur behind your determination. Accept that you are born real to do things to the closest point of perfection. Jumping into perfection keeps you over the bar.

Perfectionism is a great way to hide your weakness or erase it to fault. Aside the fact that perfectionists battle with the question ” hope I won’t fail”? -they become the knife after their own heart.

This is because of their high expectations from themselves and from their surroundings.  This make them so tight.And overtly critical of people and themselves. Tilting towards using others to judge themselves.

These are people who need constant reaproval from people to be sure they are going well with what they are doing rather than continuity. They are good at Picking out their own flaws. Needing encouragement from and for any innocent conversation. They need no blame for who they are.


When you constantly ignore what you have done wrong and concern yourself with what you did right, trying to do it exactly how you did before, then you’re on your way to perfect. It is simply believing in your ability.It makes you want to do things without hesitation or procrastination. Things will hardly discourage you. This can change a persons life. We all want to believe in our “string-strong” points. Don’t we?

Wright discussed this in his book ON “THE POWER OF POSITVE REINFORCEMENT”. He sights an example of the Babemba tribe southern Africa: “when one of the tribes members has acted irresponsibly he or she is taken to the center of the village. Everyone  in the village stops work and gatheres in circle round this person. In turn, each person devoid of age, speaks to the person and recounts the good things he has done in his lifetime. All positive incidents in the person’s life, plus his good attributes, strengths and Kindness, are recalled with accuracy and detail. Not one word about his problem behavior is ever mentioned. This ceremony which sometimes last several days, isn’t complete until positive expression has been given by those assembled. The person is literally flooded by positives. When the people are finished, the erring person is welcomed back into the tribe.

What an irony, considering the society’s ways of condemnation. If this defaulter thinks about the village member’s reaction, he definitely will want to keep being good. He keeps up a positve value and vibe

Stop to reflect in a bit, what’s this all about. Nobody is perfect. Your ability to encourage yourself rather than condemning yourself so much paves suiting steps to your perfection in life. Same goes for others.

” Perfectionism is a twenty-ton shield that we lug around thinking it will protect us when, in fact it’s the thing that’s really preventing us from taking flight.” Brené Brown.

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By Hadizat Motherconfessor

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