Poem Speak

 You are the wounded cat

walked with pains 

in the  heartbeat of a lion

You are truly a strong  misty  cologne 

Burning your  love 

in spicy humane care.  For you, see- my heart pray

with a rhythm of

Faith stronger than Rocks.  Oh!  I know not

If peace will find my soul

If  I and my hands fail

 to respray you bits

from the love you’ve spread  in your bleeding edge  Yet,

Would I know?  If Aspirin is a healer

Or heals The distance between

We- as it is as though,

Such a gap between

 a fan and a follower  a living and a dead

I’m blind,  I can’t see

If it is my sob for you,

Or my   prayer for you

That may wild stronger 

Wings to fly  


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By Hadizat Motherconfessor

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