An Alarm clock

that could never be stopped

It goes off every  few minutes

So loud, 

So disturbing, 

Creating a cacophony

of ugly sounds.

Get a hammer.

Use it to smash the clock,

but nothing can break it;

Its too strong,                                               too powerful

Try to carry it                                                    and throw it out the window,                         but its too heavy.                                              remove the batteries?                                    It has no batteries.                                           It doesn’t need batteries.



By Hadizat Motherconfessor

I am selectively interested in everything...


  1. The stops and starts contributed to the whole message. There was wisdom in the tones of annoyance. You have underscored power by not mentioning it directly. An interesting subject you have picked.

    The hammer metaphor called to mind V for Vendetta and “ideas being bulletproof”.

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