Sing to Our Soldier!

Soldier !

War Lord !

“The Captain that disgraces Men as would the dearth of Money”

This duty is on your head by Fate’s decree

A Mother of Million Mothers

Some of my great grand children are probably dead

The rest that’s left have been through Wars

Throwing them into sloppy edges of the North And South And East And West

Those who went Over Sea Enjoy the Game of Fame and name


War Lord!

How is the War Front?

And leaving family?

You owe no mortal your life

Defying a plague is so much bravery.

I beseech thee

Save the arrogant children who want to sell their life cheaply to a plague

“The sole of the feet has always led the path”

Soldier come

Soldier go

Soldier do wetin you want but don’t fall in love with blood

Have Mercy on your Nigeria.

By Hadizat Motherconfessor

I am selectively interested in everything...


  1. Hmm…what an inspirational write up.. I agree with every step and will also reiterate…dnt fall in love with blood pls..


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