Rainy Season

When /its about to / rain

The/ Petrichor is soul /soothing

That/ smell of Water overriding /the soil

And/ Water mixing with/ sand

The /Quenching of long stored/ heat,

And /the Fresh earth looking even/ fresher

Singing/ birds sounding /sweeter

Travailing/ under the stormy/ weather

The /Birth of Freshness given to/ water

Lord!/ Send some /shower

“Send/Down The/ Rain

When/ it /rains

The / water will be looking colourlessly/ cleaner

” Send/ down /the Rain”

When /it /rains

The/ flowers will be more/ colourful

And/ the cloud will be looking/ richer

Send/ down some more blissful /rain

When/ it /rains

we/ /shall

be/ walking, absorbing some/ shower;

from/ your /palm,

we //shall

be/ drinking your /water

Let/it cleanse our sinful /spirit

And/ heal our poisoned/ hearts

Oh / /sweetness!

Lips /will no longer be cracking like cream/ crackers

The/ cowboy’s hope will be/ greener

The/ green grass even / greener

The / cow’s meat will be/ thicker

And/ it’s mooeww sounding /deeper

Our/ heat will not be getting any/ hotter

For/ the rain will win a/ race

The /Running Against hot wind and cold / winter

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