Diary of a Muslimah


#modesty meets style.

Istanbul fashion inspiration 2016.  I simply love the white inner apparel. The complexity of its cutting and fitting.

Colour match and maturity


Beautiful African inspired  Prints on a beautiful African… click link to read more

Yemi Alade is an artist, a promoter of African heritage, its culture, values, and its fashion.

I like the background of the picture. It says a lot about the style. The woods and the flowers,and the red wall colour all blend to create a style story that says a lot without words.

Her outstanding African outfits and confidence has proven to be a good move to promote the Africanness in Art for the world to see.

Just Movies


Ok since our very own Nollywood is on the go

You are going to be getting loads and loads of Review on some really Interesting ones.

One of the many I have really loved so far

It is no other than the latest Telenovela #Hush  which cracked the screen of Africa Majic in April.
  Since our favorite TV screen crush Thelma (Arinyola) died in Hush, everyone thought it would become more boring but Baaj (Adze), Meg (coco), Mawli(Tess, the tessinator a.k.a aganawanna), and Ade (Oyestika), & co are really making the 9ja movie industry a big buzz with the talent played here. (I still Miss Arinola)

With an Interesting plot trolling around RMD (Bem) and Thelma(Arinola), we see how power plays in fashion, politics and between the clothers of the high class.

These are actually my favorite cast when it comes to Nollywood films as we speak. (Maybe everyone’s favorite) Not to exclude Rufy, Sule, and the pouting Adura. Those guyz and their humorous thrills thou.

Not to say so much, I am so ganna be doing some reviews on this movie.

It is going to be based on my personal view. And I promise not to take it personal. (Winks)


And see ( Adze is one heck of a good actor. It is not about the role he playes but how he plays it, the extra spice he tops, and the stage presence he creates in a seemingly effortless manner. 

Ok. Let me stop here for now and go see, again, some of my favorite episodes. Then , I will be sharing with you my thoughts in bits. 

Have a good bye (in Ruffy’s voice.).

Your views are highly welcomed. 

    *  (Eats porp corn)*

Diary of a Muslima


  …modesty meets style

Blue mostly is a colour that goes for all skin types. And still fulfill that one glamorous purpose

It has got this blend with the atmosphere.oops! Does that exactly suggests where its basic inspiration is derived.

Maybe that’s why blue is royal. Just maybe. Anything royal is super like out of this world

And not to forget…. You can hide under blue, just where blue and someone knows your mood. But I sure don’t believe blue means moody all the time. Though your outfit may depend on your mood but ERM, (what am I saying) but ERM  yes. ..not every mood is blue.

Blue is just a unique colour for everything 

Is it safe to say blue is the new Black

 I Mean #fashion “black”lolz