Aziza Dangote’s Wild Wedding Dress!

Aziza Dangote’s Wild Wedding Dress

Life without inspiration is incomplete. Behind this wild wedding gown is the story of,( in his words ) “The Impeacable power of FAITH”? ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

From a weekend get away in Paris, to a couple’s retreat in Miami, to a tour in South Africa, to Destination Dubai!

This attractive City of Dubai has not only drawn globetrotters but has gradually gained the love of Nigerians through their fashion. Nigeria’s love of fashion is a lot. And this one is realllly trending! The Choice of fabric, the colour, the wings /wild concept and the details of its Applique is so accurate.

You can see this bling through the intricacy with which Aziza Dangote’s wedding dress was made. Her outfit was captured in her living room and posted on 20th March, 2021. Here is what the Designer Michael Cinco Dubai A.K.A “Micheal the legend” has to say.

Credit @theweddingstreet_ng

In his interview with covered magazine, click here to see moreCoveredmgzne @micheal5inco He talks about how the digital media makes fashion awareness easier and has helped him reach clients outside Dubai, especially Egypt and Nigeria. Indeed, the digital media aid in fashion and other businesses at large cannot be over hyped as can be seen with what is obtainable over “Tic tok”, “Instagram”, “Facebook” e.t.c.

The interesting part of this interview is the strong motivation behind his most recent design. According to the filipino based genius, his most recent designs were inspired by the covid-19. The design hopes to visualize the mission to tackle gender based violence in a positive light through the fashion world. And it was themed “The Impeacable power of FAITH”

His personal style resonates like that of Michael Jackson and the brand recent concept comes off like a movie in a fictitious flare of the wild, the mysterious and the Magical.

Congratulations to Aminu and Aziza Dangote!

Rejection Sucks!Here is how.

Her eyes, 
like an ocean of innocence,
hypnotized me.

Her face,
with an unparalleled beauty,
mesmerized me.”

“Her voice was sweeter than honey, and edged a nightingale.

She inspired me to live my life.

She taught me to think
about love, life, and everything
in between

Her actions,
her emotions,
her flick of hair.

She always lived in my heart

But soon, I came to reality,
to senses.

For I was a nobody, and she – the princess of beauty,
who, I knew was the best for me,
but was worthy of someone better than me.

So I took a step back,
my heart aching.
Another step, and
my heart pounded heavily.

I turned away,
killed my heart, and
lived heartlessly.

Poem title: Quattuor. By Bruised Melodies

This poem talks about A man’s admiration for someone he couldn’t have and therefore lost himself in the process.

From the start he is full of praises and adoration for his love interest. Emphasising on the positive outlook he used to have towards life beacause of his love for her.

Upon realising she deserves better from life, love, and relationship, he started to change into a bitter, cold and cruel person life the total opposite of his previous life of kindness.

What do you think of this simple and meaningful poem.

How do some people handle rejection? Why do people seek for that which they can’t have and still end up disappointed when the reality smacks them on the cheek?

What keeps them going after this reality or who do they eventually become.

Do they become good or bad? Do they appreciate the lesson or do they regret what they did?

Share your opinion in the comments below.

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed the poem.


I can’t remember where I found this article… Its also persuasive. I found myself want to try the learning the technique of persuasion


I was in a store last week and a man came to me trying to advertise a new Green Tea. He said excuse, i turned
and he said “do you live around here”?
The next on my mind was who is this Man and why the question. I had to respond politely giving him a different description *just for safety* then guffed and moved to the other end of the store in avoidance of futher question.

Now i came across an article of Carolyn O’Hara and i noticed that
If you want to convince someone to support your project, or explain to an employee how he might improve, or inspire a team that’s struggling, you need to tell a persuasive, compelling story.

This made me believe that persuation is beyond just giving exact detail.
Have somebody ever looked at you for a steady time and you start feeling uncomfortable? If your answer is yes then it means the person was trying to study your outward response.
You see that’s a way to achieving passuation from what i discovered

To persuade this question must be asked
Who is My audience and what is the message i want to share
In the part two series of this read we will go further to ask and possibly answer a few questions about persuation.

But before then what do you think- Is persuasion Art or Science?.

Feminst Rant? Yes But Remind Your daughters.

So basically, I have read about some feelings about equality and I am going to share a few about some of them.

Feminism: the advocacy of women’s right on the ground of equality of the sexes.


Ok. Girls don’nt wear make up to impress people.

Let’s go over the rules.

You are not a feminist if you slut shame

You are not a feminist if you make fun of mental illness or claim they are not real.

You are not a feminist if you are a racist.

You are not a feminist if you are against men.

….selected From the book titled: “Feminist Rant”.

***If you have some rants about feminism. Share on the comment section.

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  ย ย  2

This is for the girls . This is A Nikita Gill quote.


“Tell your daughters how you love your body.

Tell them how they must love their’s.

Tell them to be proud of every bit of themselves. From their trigger trips to the soft flesh of their thighs.

Whether there is a little of them or a lot.

Whether freckles cover their face or not.

Whether their curves are plentiful or slim.

Whether their hair is thick, curly, straight , long or short.

Tell them how they inherited their ancestors’ souls in their smiles. That their eyes carry countries that breathed life into history.

That the swing of their hips do not determine their destiny…”

Nikita gill.

This quote is accurate.

Let’s remind our  daughters ๏‘ญ to chill ,

feel, explore and understand  how much intricacy rest within them. ๏”ฅ

Let’s Tell  them  how much time ๏•™ they can spend just admiring their true nature in astonishment

A lot of time sending gifts ๏Ž๏’ of  gratitude ๏™ to  God for creating such blossoming human being.

A lot of time staying andย  breathing positive.

#HappyinternationalWomen’s day!

Being a woman is enough

People captured in mid air, while jumping on trampoline in big studio

You are enough for your self

If you’re beautiful , well that’s one of your physical strength. That’s enough to boost your self worth. If you feel ugly, then again you must have something unique inside of you. That’s also your strength. Your inner strength. That too is enough_ enough to boost your self worth.

No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.    ________Oscar Wilde   and   vise   versaThe same aplies to human.

For the men.

When you see her naked on the street

Give her a cloth to wear

Don’t call her beautiful and go behind her back calling her prostitute.(No gentleman likes a woman who undervalues herself. If you happen to be that gentleman. Don’t go actng like you are in support of a woman who undervalues herself and choose not to correct her cuz you don’t wanna make her feel bad or to satisfy your own pleasure)

When her marrying you turns her from a slim little girl to a full grown woman.

Follow her outside to do some brisk walk

Wake her up in the morning to show her that her yoga pant is ready.

Don’t stay on your own and not give a damn!

Don’t call her fat

Don’t call her lazy

When she is so busy doing chores and the mum stuff and forget what day it is, dont call her outdated

Give her a break๐Ÿ˜Ž

Give her some space!

or stay, only if you know you want to sweet talk her not murder mother talk her.

And when you see a younger girl

A prettier one , do not humiliate her. Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see.

Besides, there is something worse than a humiliating man and that’s a nasty woman!

She is you’rs, you are her’s and that in itself is work enough to work on!

Happy international womens day.


Sacarstic poem.

If red is a woman it would signify Passion , and If it is a man it will signify Energy. What if red is a dress what will it signify?

Let’s go sacarstic about “red” in this poem “The Red Shirt” by Oscar wilde I hope you will enjoy it.


Your Shirt Was red

Because you


The Colour


New logo

Poems of a Jamaican Girl.

I can leave you

I swear

With Scalpel to my soul

The difference

between us and you

Leaves me as a whole

So Mask to face

And Fragrant Sevo

I’ll go under

Four , three, two…

Wether I wake

Or kiss turns blue

I’ll recover

Free from you

By Praiziz

How did we get Here?

Even homogeneous societies still delve
into self manageable or micro-identities.


. God created the earth.

2. โ€œLet’s make manโ€ฆโ€ and so forth.

3. People have one language and in agreement and try to build a tower.

4. God confuses their language and scatters them around the world,including West Africa.

Cultural diffusion.

Whoever is killed under the banner of blind following, which calls to tribalism or supports tribalism, then he has died upon ignorance.โ€ The prophet muhammad.S.A.W.

What is peculiar to ethnicity or tribalism is that โ€œit involves demands by one group on other competing group(s)โ€ (Nnoli; 2008). Chinua Achebe in his view describes ethnicity โ€œas discrimination against a citizen because of his/her place of birthโ€ (Achebe; 1997).

Islam doesn’t preach tribalism. Therefore, anyone who practices it is following his own personal goal.

We are born into ethnic and tribal communities that endow upon us identities, histories, legacies, pains, joys, struggles and potentials and mostly pride.

The knowledge that before you there were others who contributed and added value a people and period in time, bettering the lot and leaving historical tales and stories challenging and demanding that you know about them and add a measure equal or more than what was.

It would be a bore to share the same historical perspective with everyone you meet with in a bus or at work…where’s the fun in that.

Even homogeneous societies still breakdown into self manageable or micro-identities

Forget diversity think inclusion


โ€œWhoever is killed under the banner of blind following, which calls to tribalism or supports tribalism, then he has died upon ignorance.โ€

Sentiments have always been part of The background and back fall of this country.  When an outsider wants to penetrate into the peace of this country it is always through tribalism and enthnic / territorial  sentiments.

“He is not one of us who calls to tribalism. He is not one of us who fights for the sake of tribalism. He is not one of us who dies following the way of tribalism.โ€ (

Protesters are protesting through non-protest means. How much result is expected from looting, and killing.

Again who are among the youth is ready to listen to “it’s a fake protest Saga” when we have mostly uneducated and unemployed in the midst. The Agitatation was obviously pulled upon the background of our leadership nonchalance and mombo mombo attitude towards Youth representation and being people’s party. That’s to the government but to the youth can tribalism be out of the people’s problem. It has always been a problem from Adam and i am.afraid it is, still.