Diary of a muslima

Like an artist, you pride in beautifying the wall paper of your life to look as classic as Mona Lisa

The wall now cracks and comes crushing down beyond  your imagination… This is Qadr

You start to cuddle the thousands of minutes you have spent arranging your designs and how much you have waited patiently to get colourful blend where it suits.

You start to think, how to , where to, when to, what to start.

You sit with an aching back, you stand with flingy legs, scrub your head on the ground, spank you feet, gnash your teeth against themselves, scratching you hair. 

And why why why is the next question you want to ask

After you always had believed in the word “qadr” you always knew it was an article of faith and little tests came you passed and passed so well. So, there you were, bubbling your heart in belief that your faith was strong enough to smile through the walls of jannah.

Now, the true test is here!  

You lost something so dear!

You lost someone so dear!

Now you see,  you let your action bet that  you never heard anything about qadr or faith?
Now, that the true test prevails you are akinh “why” as if, you could create a life. As if God is your mate.Even the Angels can’t dare.

I personally now believe that loosing my father was Allah’s decree. Apart from ascribing it to general scientific predictions, I tried thinking why Allah did what He did and why He did it at that point in time. But why should I ? I dare not question Allah’s predestination. 

QADR (predestination/ devine decree/ destiny):

This is to say that lamenting over and over and over what you lost is like believing that there could be or should be something or someone else who could/would have done better than what Allah did. It’s like wishing Allah never did so. Because you felt having that thing is what you want. But you forget that it is not what you want that Allah gives you. He gives you what you need. For every pain there is relief. For every loss there something greater calling on you…qadr

For He know best
Ali narrated that one day the Messenger of Allah was sitting with a wooden stick in his hand with which he was scratching the ground. He raised his head and said, β€œThere is none of you, but has his place assigned either in the Fire or in Paradise.” They (the Companions) inquired, β€œO Allah’s Messenger! Why should we carry on doing good deeds, shall we depend (upon Qadar) and give up work?” Muhammad said: β€œNo, carry on doing good deeds, for everyone will find it easy (to do) such deeds that will lead him towards that for which he has been created.” Then he recited the verse: β€œAs for him who gives (in charity) and keeps his duty to Allah and fears Him, and believes in al-Husna, We will make smooth for him the path of Ease (goodness) (Surah al-Lail 92:5-7). Sahih muslim
“They will cry out to them: Were we not with you? They shall say: Yes! but you caused yourselves to fall into temptation, and you waited and doubted, and vain desires deceived you till the threatened punishment of Allah came, while the archdeceiver deceived you about Allah. ”
— Qur’an, Sura 57 (Al-Hadid)

Who then are you to deny the favours if Allah and question His devine decree?

After you pray daily…put your request sincerely before Him

then forget about it;  He will answer you.

πŸ‘πŸ’― If you are a Muslim remember nothing on this earth exists on its own without an Overseer.  

From the first thing  you thought when you were a feotus to the last thing you will say on the day of judgment

  From what happens under water to what happens inside the brightness of the sun.

From what still makes your finger nails glued to your finger to what happens in between your blood and your hair… Qadr

 The doer-  the undoer – the master planner is there- Allah( God) is there He made it. Everything and watches over it… he says be and it is…qadr

If you are a Muslim remember nothing on this earth exists on its own without an Overseer.  

Diary of a Muslima

 FASHION CRUSH & CLOSETπŸ’• Modesty meets style. Like who would not want to have this is her closet.?

This is emerald cape dress is rare. The colour is also cool and not flashy yet with lots of lit statement.

Say Yes to this dress.

You can wear this on your wedding

For an event.


I love it.πŸ’•πŸ’―


Diary of a Muslima

FASHION CRUSH&CLOSET😘😘😘Modesty meets style. 

I love this because for its simplified but classy look. The material is of a very high quality and it brings out the elegance of this lady. 

That is the new sip-fronted hijab. For a little edge in an event as this. Easy to wear.


Indonesian inspired