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Fashion Crush&Closet💙


Modesty meets style.

White is Serene, Water and Green is Nature. I see a Simple and Purposeful Style just like this…

Our environment usually inspire our style…
Our mood also does…
Every style must not be utterly luxurious
Simplicity informed by nature may constitute style.
What do you think?


Diary of a Miss

Being Bold is the New Black.
Emanuella of Mark Angel A.K.A This is not my real face o, is on the bold step
Making both co-comedians & audience jaw drop over her daring to be funny move. Let’s know her REAL FACE.
Her real name is Emanuella Samuel.
  Few days ago, she met the son of
Honorable Omosede Igbinedion, the daughter of the popular Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, on an invitation to their home in Abuja. His name is Prince Akenzua, a big fan of Emmanulla.



The young comedienne Is Mark Angel’s Cousin in real life.
She made her first appearance
at Julius Agwu’s recent show as an upcoming act for the first time on stage and also made another one over
the weekend at Funnybone’s show.
Sources say Emmanuella is 5 years old, she will be 6 in July 2016, she was born in 2010. If this ain’t showbiz age, then she is indeed a genius here to stay.


She Is In Primary one (Basic One). She also Won the G Influence Niger Delta
Special Talent Award 2015.


When will you show your real face Emannuella😂




Behind every happy couple lies two people who have battled to overcome  the shadows of obstacle and interferences. Why? Because their relationship is important to them
Last time I talked about Ego as a machette to a relationship.

Now, Princess Adeze Emejuru sees Ego as “A Man” Here is what she says…


“The igbo people call money “ego” but money is not the issue here, i am talking about something more sinister at this point , known as EGO. Ego can be very destructive, it has brought about the downfall of many a people and relationship. I will refer to ego as a man, yes! Ego is a man and ill tell you why but first things first , let me take you through the nitty gritty of the term ego as promulgated by sigmund freud the “father” of psychoanalysis
   Freud structured the psyche into three parts, i.e the ID, EGO and SUPER EGO. All developing at different stages of our lives. They make a relative contribution to an individuals behavior. The Id is  primitive and instinctive, it consists of all inherited components including Eros(libido) and Thanatos(death instinct). The Id is impulsive , the personality of a mwborn child is ID , and only later does it develop to an Ego or Super ego. The Id demands immediate satisfaction. The Id is selfish and lewd.
The Ego is that part of the Id which has been modified by direct influence of the external world, the Ego seeks pleasure and is concerned with devising a strategy to obtain pleasure. The Ego has no concept of wrong, something is good for the Ego if it achieves its end of satisfaction without causing harm to itself. The ego is a rider while the Id is a Horse, they work hand in hand, only the Ego has tp constantly be in check of the ID.
      The super ego incorporates the values and morals of society which are learnt from one’s parents, it develops around the age of 3-5, it controls the Id’s impulses and persuades the Ego to turn to moralistic goals rather than strive for perfection.
    The super ego consists of the conscience which punishes the ego by causing feelings of guilt when the Ego gives in to the demands of the  Id.
  I have decided to draw a curtain on the above lecture on super Ego, Ego and Id and i now want to attack this modern day “ego” , it has been established that the Ego is torn between evil (ID) and good (super ego) but i dare say that ego has become an  ally if not a slave to Id, and ofcourse i have not forgotten, ego is a man , a nigerian man at that and i will tell you why, you can argue with me for as long as you want! ”

  Thanks for the read. I’ll bring you more on ” Ways to make the right relationship”
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Relationships never die mysteriously
they are butchered by the matchette of EGO, ATTITUDE AND IGNORANCE
  I will first take
EGO as a matchette to a relationship.
   As we know relationships are bound by the circle of the soul.
Have you ever looked into Joseph
Campbell’s work? He continued Carl Jung’s work, he nurtured it and shared it. One needs to learn that: there is  a “shadow” in human that must be
taken into consideration too. The animus: the foundation of our
current lives is an impulse and instinct  that govern or dictates our actions.
Usually, how your mother reacts to your birth plays a big factor in your life. This is what leads to motives and complex.
Ego is derived from here.

When your knowledge is limited by your soul and you know it yet accept it. You are starving your soul by feeding your ego with lies and illusion.
The shadow is the reverse ego, everything we suppress in ourselves. Pain, fears, dreams, expectation rigmaroles   “The soul is a circle” -Plato.

We all know that we don’t meet people by mere accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason. It is either we be with them for life or away from them. But there is always something to learn no matter what. When one person is bound by ego in a relationship the other person suffer.


Relationships are worth fighting for but you can’t be the only one fighting”
Nevertheless, ego can be exemplified from the male/ female gender but
Men are generally perceived to be more likely to exhibit high degree of ego based brake ups.

Imagine a case where Johny is a sojourn who will rather date Cynthia because Uche  his supposed kind of woman obtained a higher medical level than him. 
The date fails because he still keeps running back to Uche who really captures his heart at a glance.
But he is threatened by her speech and feels unpressed by a little joke that may or may not have a bearing with status.
He gets defensive, he feels challenged, he feels low, for a woman to make him feel inferior. Even when he knows she is not such type, some part of him wants to believe that it what it is.”

This is ego by every sense. Is it not better to say “sorry” when wrong
Is it not better to say “thank you”
Is it not better to say “i miss you”
Is it not better to say “i love you”
When you truly do?
Why would you let  your ego discourage your spouses from following their dream Careers instead of encouraging them?
It is better to loose your ego to the one you love than
To loose the one you love  because of ego.
Don’t let ego stop your soul from feeling the freedom of your relationship.
              In the next post I will bring you more about Ego from Judith Emejuru

What you like to know.

How linguistics can help in space exploration


Video credit: SpaceX, “CRS-8 Dragon Hosted Webcast” April 8, 2016, via YouTube.

Dear All,
The video above shows the first successful launch + landing (on a landing pad in the ocean).

The previous post has addressed the question of why linguistics matters. This post looks at how linguistics can and should contribute to space exploration.


Exploration of space is connected with astronauts. They are the people who go to space on a mission to conduct experiments and return to share the results of the research and their experiences with scholars and the wider community of interested people (e.g. see the video (2) in the reference section where astronaut Chris Hadfield delivers a TED talk). A trip of astronauts to space is called an “expedition”. A space expedition is like “a unit of measure” for space exploration; for example, an experiment or a project in space can be referred to as project X during 35th expedition. To make an expedition a success a lot needs to be done before, during, and after an expedition. Therefore, it is interesting to see how linguistics can help space exploration at each of these stages.

So, how can linguistics help? It can help by:




1) lending methodologies in instruction (teaching and learning) to prepare new astronauts faster and more effectively;

2) designing websites and social media to attract some of the best specialists from all the corners of the world to projects;

3) creating a media environment where people can exchange ideas about space exploration and where investors can support talents;

4) launching social media campaigns to increase awareness of the importance of space exploration to attract people’s attention and particularly the attention of the growing generation to keep exploring space;

5) designing instructions (e.g. how to use a tool) and guidelines (e.g. how to act in a particular situation) in the most efficient and effective way;

6) instructing foreign languages to some of the best specialists from around the world facilitate their cooperation.

1) improving communication between the command centre on the earth and the crew in space;

2) ensuring successful communication of astronauts among themselves as a team and with other teams of astronauts;

3) creating and maintaining a crew journal to report on everyday activities for researchers on the earth to be able to analyse the course of an expedition and draw on the experiences;

4) exploring extra-terrestrial forms of communication;

5) creating a certain format for reporting on experiments or for other communications to increase their efficiency (e.g. short blog or email message with a certain structure (e.g. a video or an image on the left and X amounts of words));

6) exploring the influence of being in space on communication habits of people.

1) setting up social media and conference environments for astronauts to share their experiences with other people;

2) translating research articles (based on the findings from an expedition) and thus making them available to specialists to stimulate progress in space exploration;

3) ensuring that research findings in space are disseminated to the benefit of all the people.

The table above briefly outlines some of the points in connection with which linguistics can help exploration of space. The information in the table is subdivided into three groups: Before (1), During (2), and After (3). Every group consists of several points. Each point is connected with language and communication, the primary scope of linguistics.

In conclusion, this post has looked at how linguistics can help exploration of space. The objective of the post has not been to list all the possible ways in which linguistics can contribute, rather it has been to give an idea of possible ways and to encourage linguists to be more active contributors to space exploration.

It would be interesting to hear from you on how linguistics can/should contribute to space exploration. Please leave a comment in the comment section below.

First successful launch + landing on a landing pad on the ground:

Hadfield, Ch.  at a TED talk:







Mrs. Rashida Bello is the amiable wife of Alhaji Yahaya Bello the youngest Governor in Nigeria. She’s an Accountant who graduated from the University of Abuja.
A lot have been going on with her since the Governor came into power.