Diary of a Muslimah


#modesty meets style.

Istanbul fashion inspiration 2016.  I simply love the white inner apparel. The complexity of its cutting and fitting.

Colour match and maturity


Beautiful African inspired  Prints on a beautiful African… click link to read more

Yemi Alade is an artist, a promoter of African heritage, its culture, values, and its fashion.

I like the background of the picture. It says a lot about the style. The woods and the flowers,and the red wall colour all blend to create a style story that says a lot without words.

Her outstanding African outfits and confidence has proven to be a good move to promote the Africanness in Art for the world to see.

Diary of a Muslima

 FASHION CRUSH & CLOSETπŸ’• Modesty meets style. Like who would not want to have this is her closet.?

This is emerald cape dress is rare. The colour is also cool and not flashy yet with lots of lit statement.

Say Yes to this dress.

You can wear this on your wedding

For an event.


I love it.πŸ’•πŸ’―