Aziza Dangote’s Wild Wedding Dress!

Aziza Dangote’s Wild Wedding Dress

Life without inspiration is incomplete. Behind this wild wedding gown is the story of,( in his words ) “The Impeacable power of FAITH”? 😕😳😱😃

From a weekend get away in Paris, to a couple’s retreat in Miami, to a tour in South Africa, to Destination Dubai!

This attractive City of Dubai has not only drawn globetrotters but has gradually gained the love of Nigerians through their fashion. Nigeria’s love of fashion is a lot. And this one is realllly trending! The Choice of fabric, the colour, the wings /wild concept and the details of its Applique is so accurate.

You can see this bling through the intricacy with which Aziza Dangote’s wedding dress was made. Her outfit was captured in her living room and posted on 20th March, 2021. Here is what the Designer Michael Cinco Dubai A.K.A “Micheal the legend” has to say.

Credit @theweddingstreet_ng

In his interview with covered magazine, click here to see moreCoveredmgzne @micheal5inco He talks about how the digital media makes fashion awareness easier and has helped him reach clients outside Dubai, especially Egypt and Nigeria. Indeed, the digital media aid in fashion and other businesses at large cannot be over hyped as can be seen with what is obtainable over “Tic tok”, “Instagram”, “Facebook” e.t.c.

The interesting part of this interview is the strong motivation behind his most recent design. According to the filipino based genius, his most recent designs were inspired by the covid-19. The design hopes to visualize the mission to tackle gender based violence in a positive light through the fashion world. And it was themed “The Impeacable power of FAITH”

His personal style resonates like that of Michael Jackson and the brand recent concept comes off like a movie in a fictitious flare of the wild, the mysterious and the Magical.

Congratulations to Aminu and Aziza Dangote!